School Bus Safety




School is back in session and we ask motorists to use additional caution when traveling near school grounds, watch for children crossing roadways, and be observant for slow moving or stopped buses.


All motorists shall stop when the red flashing lights and stop arm have been activated on a school bus.

Motorists should begin to slow and prepare to stop when observing the yellow flashing lights prior to the red light activation. Attempts to pass the school bus during the yellow light sequence is un-safe and usually results in a red light stop arm violation.

Disregarding a school bus’s red light / stop arm is a citable offence and motorist caught violating will be issued a citation.

More school-age pedestrians have been killed during the hour before and after school than any other time of day, according to NHTSA. And, although drivers are required by law to stop for a school bus when it's loading or unloading passengers, they often don't. Children should not rely on them to do so.